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Members are welcome to join at any time of year for $35 which may be paid either by check or PayPal. Memberships expire twelve months after they are purchased. The NDHSA office sends each member a reminder to renew by email or US Mail.

Most of our members use their email regularly, but since that may not include your family, a provision has been made for you to receive the newsletter on paper. Our office will print the e-newsletter, now called The Eclectic Report, at an addictional cost of $50/year and mail it to members upon an annual request. 

Please read the NDHSA Statements of Faith and Purpose. Note that only NDHSA Board members and staff are required to endorse these statements. Other members are simply encouraged to be aware of these statements, but are not required to endorse them. Membership in the NDHSA is at the discretion and approval of the NDHSA leadership.

NDHSA Statement of Faith:

We believe in Almighty God, the Author of all creation, eternally existing in three persons, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit; the Bible as the inspired, infallible, written  Word of God, complete in 66 books and our sole basis of faith and practice; the fallen state of man, guilty by nature and by act and therefore condemned before God; the deity of our Lord Jesus Christ, fully God and fully man, except without sin, the substitutionary death of Jesus Christ on the cross for our sins, His visible bodily resurrection demonstrating His power over death and sin, His personal return; and regeneration by God, the Holy Spirit when we accept His free gift of salvation by His grace, through our personal faith, and not by any works we can do.
NDHSA Statement of Purpose:

  1. Encouraging and assisting Christian families in the education of their children according to Biblical principles.
  2. Providing to home educators and the general public information pertaining to the Biblical, academic and legal aspects of home education.
  3. Entering into activities, in filling out contracts necessary, incidental or beneficial to the accomplishment of the nonprofit purposes of this corporation.

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