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Welcome to the section where you can donate to the cause of private, parent-directed homeschooling or become a member family ($45/yr.) of the North Dakota Home School Association. The NDHSA is a 501(c)(3) organization that operates on the donations and membership fees of interested parties and homeschooling parents. Some of our funding also comes from our annual statewide home educators convention.

Since 1985 the North Dakota Home School Association has served and continues to serve all North Dakota home educators in our legislative and legal efforts; newsletter; conventions; support group leader gatherings; information packets; representing home education; phone and email communications; and promoting private, parent-led home education.

We would appreciate your financial support realizing your first priority is your tithes and offerings to your local church. If God should so lead you to donate, we will be very grateful and will use all monies as wise stewards of the Lord's provision. Even if you are unable to donate, we covet your prayers for the Association and for parent educators in North Dakota.

We thank God for you and for your donations and prayers. 

Please consider joining the NDHSA team of supporters and help change families, churches and the culture of North Dakota through home education!