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There are hundreds of private academic and extracurricular activities open to home educated children across the state of North Dakota and beyond such as baseball teams, math help, chemistry laboratory experiences, outdoor adventures, art classes, marksmenship training, music lessons and much more.Some are free, some are not.

If you know of any private academic courses or extracurricular activities happening that North Dakota home school students might like to participate in, please send those activities to the NDHSA [email protected] in the following format:

NAME OF ACADEMIC COURSE OR EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITY, Location, Date, Time, Basic Detail, Contact Person, Phone Number, Email, Website. Aim for less than 100 words. You are welcome to send one photo to possibly be included with each activity listing you provide.

These academic course and activity listings are free and intended to encourage the networking of home educating families in North Dakota and beyond. There is no charge for a business offering an academic course or extracurricular activity because the NDHSA wants to encourage private parent-directed education in every way.

Public & private schooled students are typically welcome and encouraged to attend/participate in most of these activities.

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