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Special Needs

The North Dakota Home School Association supports the right of parents to homeschool their children with special needs.  This list of resources is provided to help in that endeavor.  The following list of products and services include national organizations as well as recommendations from homeschool families already involved in the teaching of their special needs children.  The NDHSA does not necessarily endorse these products or services but provides this listing as an aid to families of struggling learners.

Parents may home educate a special needs child, but must follow the requirements of the ND Century Code Chapter 15.1-23-13, 15.1-23-14 & 15.1-23-15.    A developmental disabilty is defined by North Dakota Century Code in Chapter 25-10.2

Forms - A prescribed form is not required by law, but the NDHSA has developed the following to assist parents in their reporting.  For more information please contact our special needs co-ordinator, Lori Wentz, listed below.

Student Services Plan                               Sample Services Plan

Student Services Progress Report             Sample Progress Report


NDHSA Special Needs Coordinator - Lori Wentz: [email protected] (701-590-3770) Dickinson 

Homeschool Legal Defense Association - struggling learner page has a variety of information as well as special needs experts on staff.

NATHHAN (National Challenged Homeschoolers Associated Network) 208-267-6246 - A national support group for homeschooling parents of special needs children.

SPED Homeschool - A national nonprofit providing support, resources & encouragement to the special education homeschool community.

National Association for Child Development - ADD, ADHD, Autism, PDD, Down's syndrome, gifted learning, disabled, dyslexic

H.I.S. Place for Help in School - Resources for the parents and teachers of students with special needs.

Can Learn Christian Academy - Neurodevelopment evaluations, in-home program design and consulting for homeschoolers.

Christian Cottage Home School Services - National education service organization providing homeschool families with answers through testing, curriculum design, teaching strategies and educational therapies.

Time for Learning

Special Needs Homeschooling - Face Book Page

Write on Track Tutoring -  (701) 258-1533 -Bismarck/Mandan) - specializes in tutoring kids with a variety of learning issues.

Learning in Spite of Labels by Joyce Herzog

Sylvan Learning of Fargo - (701) 499-4300

Sylvan Learning of Bismarck (701) 223-0010

North Dakota Division of Voacational Rehabilitation -  Assists students with disabilities to transition from school to work and the adult world

Special Needs Consultants

Lori Wentz: [email protected] (701-590-3770) Dickinson - NDHSA Special Needs Coordinator

Rhonda Kraenzel: [email protected] (701-290-8261) - speech/language development, developmental delays and disabilities - Dickinson

Sandra Melland: (701-748-2318) Hazen


Homeschooling with Asperger's - Online Guide by Julie Knapp

Asperger's Family and Friends (701-298-4500) Support network in the Fargo/Morehead area for those with Asperger's, PDD or high-functioning autism.


Autism speaks - leading autism science and advocacy group.  Maintains a family services guide of local resources nationwide.

Organization for Autism Research

Timberdoodle Autism Center

Right Start Math - hands-on math curriculum

Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy Group

Down Syndrome

GiGi's Playhouse - Fargo - Foundational Learning Center for indiviuals with Down Syndrome, their families and community

Homeschool and Down Syndrome - Face Book Page

Homeschooling Children with Down Syndrome by Amy Dunaway


International Dyslexia Association

Decoding Dyslexia - North Dakota A parent led grassroots group for those dealing with Dyslexia - FaceBook page for ND

Barton Reading - dyslexia reading and spelling program


Schiller Math

All About Learning - has a number of free printable resources under their resource tab

Handwriting Without Tears - multisensory approach to writing

Easy Read System

Shurley Grammar

Haley's Hope - Dyslexia Learning Center - screening and tutoring center Fargo/Morehead (701-373-0397)

Simply Me Inc. - CC Manning - certified dyslexia specialist, online tutoring

Dyslexia Support - for parents of dyslexic  children - https://www.facebook.com/groups/dyslexiasupportforparents

Dyslexia and Disgraphia Homeschooling Support - https://www.facebook.com/Dyslexia-and-Dysgraphia-Homeschooling-121940597825002/

Neuropsychologist - Doctor Amy Meidinger (Fargo)

Sensory Processing Disorder

Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation - STAR Institute

Speech Therapy/Apraxia

Mommy Speech Therapy

Connect Teletherapy - Kylee Geer, MS CCC-SLP, Speech Therapy Coordinator (701-429-0300)

Vision Therapy

Family Eye Clinic - Dr. Steven Agnes - Fargo/Morehead (701-232-5808)

The Perception Connection - [email protected] (701-348-3359)