North Dakota law requires testing for each homeschooled child in grades 4, 6, 8, and 10. In order to fulfill the requirements of this law, the test must be a standardized achievement test if you are using one supplied by your district or it must be a nationally normed standardized achievement test if you are renting one. The test must be administered in its norming period and in the child's learning environment or the public school at the option of the parent. A North Dakota state certified teacher must administer the test. The parent must provide the results to the local public school superintendent or county superintendent of schools. You may opt out of the testing based on philosopical, moral or religious belief, or be a state certified teacher or hold a baccalaureate degree or meet or exceed the cut off scores on a national teacher exam. If you chose to opt out you must include notification when you file your statement of intent. If you choose to opt out of testing, you can still standardized test your homeschooled student. You will be responsible for ordering and paying for the test. Most tests can be ordered and administered at any time of the year. See the printable page here for information on where to purchase your own tests.